IPCC AR5 (2014): Key facts and relevance for Switzerland

End of 2013, the OcCC decided to launch a project on the outcome of the IPCC AR5 report and its consequences for Switzerland ( ProClim-SCNAT as the scientific global change network in Switzerland was charged synthesizing the key results with relevance for Switzerland. It has been decided to use additional scientific literature of the past years to include the whole array of issues relevant for Switzerland.

Based on this report, the OcCC will elaborate recommendations for policy makers, the administration, the economic sector and society by end of 2014.


The report will be published in 2016

Switzerland and the 2 degrees climate target

A new study by the Advisory Body on Climate Change (OcCC) focuses on the widely agreed international target of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. On the national and international level, this target is addressed in the public and political debate. It is accepted as a threshold for avoiding dangerous climate change and thus as a target value with regard to emission reductions. However, the background, the history as well as the economic and societal consequences of the 2 degrees climate target are largely unknown. How important is the target to Switzerland? What measures are to be taken in order to make national policy compatible to the global target? The OcCC will need to reconsider whether or not the target is purposeful in communicating national climate policy measures, and whether there are other solutions with more appropriate targets that should accordingly be aimed at in the future.

The study has been published end of 2012.

Climate change is a fact - and now?

The IPCC report and its consequences for Switzerland

This report synthesizes the outcome of the recent IPCC report and presents its relevance for Switzerland. Needed measures and options to help politics, economy and society to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change are also presented.

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The report is available in print (in German, from november also in French).
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Switzerland in 2050

The project CH2050 was conducted together with ProClim and has been presented on 14 March 2007 at a public event in Bern.

This project of the OcCC attempts to pre-estimate the effects of climate change on Switzerland for the year 2050. Based on climate scenarios, the vulnerabilities of various spheres, such as ecology, agriculture, health, tourism, water supply, infrastructure, etc. were examined. What changes are particularly harmful? What can be done in order to adapt in time as efficiently as possible to the changing conditions?

The study is available as a .pdf file (german, french, english).